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Environmental Sustainability

Our environmental awareness has reached excellence with the maniacal care of greenery, energy saving and attention to waste separation. By choosing Duca Amedeo for your vacation you will have already made your contribution to the safeguarding of the ENVIRONMENT.

But what makes our philosophy of life so GREEN?

    • We equip all accommodation and common areas with LED bulbs
    • To facilitate water saving we install on showers and sinks flow and limestone reducers capable of delivering water for 7 litres/minute
    • We are equipped with a water osmosis plant (awarded by Legambiente)
    • The drains of our toilets are all fed by a non-drinkable water circuit
    • We have chosen to plant trees resistant to the most common pests, which do not require chemical treatment (Amelia Atzetarac, Acer Negundo, False Pepper…)
    • Since 1978, the water in our showers is always hot thanks to a powerful solar heating system
    • Almost all our energy needs are covered by our photovoltaic plant of about 60kw
    • In the office we use only recycled and certified paper
    • We offset Co2 emissions into the environment
    • We use organic and 100% biodegradable products and detergents
    • We promote sustainable mobility through a charging station for electric vehicles
    • Synchronise the switching on and off of lighting in common areas with twilight devices
    • We recommend a conscious use of natural resources and a correct waste management.
    • We promote typical local products and we are also producers of superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    • The products we usefor the care of the greenery and for painting the wallsare all eco-compatible
    • Even our ID bracelets are eco-friendly and reduced from recycled plastics
    • The electricity we buy comes about 30% from renewable sources
    • The mobility of our staff within the village takes place exclusively by electric mean
    • The air conditioners in each apartment are in class Aand equipped with inverter technology
    • The irrigation of our gardens is guaranteed by a central drip system
    • In the village you will find a purified water dispenser
    • The shower points in the common areas are all equipped with an automatic water flow shut-off system
    • Our accommodation is mostly equipped with double glazing and insulated with rock wool or cork.
    • At least 50% of our village is no motorised traffic


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LEGAMBIENTE TURISMO among the best 12 Italian hotels in 2005 and in 2006 we represented Italy in the ROYAL AWARD.